Amped Chair

Manufacturer - Tenjam

The design takes cues from the Amplitude of a wave. Design by Julien Bergignat, France.

Based on an original idea from 2010, the Amped collection has been re-designed to be set within any welcoming indoor or outdoor spaces. They are inspired by ocean waves and landscapes that absorb you within their curves. The streamlined design offers a poetic and contemporary look at modern furniture.

Through the rotational-molding process and industrial design, these durable eco-friendly products are made available in large quantities, without sacrificing quality or comfort, in a wide range of colors.

The name “Amped” is inspired by the amplitude, the peak of a wave and relate to the backrest of the chair. In the USA for example, Amped is a very positive word. People use it to show off their enthusiasm about doing anything they are looking forward to. “I’m amped to go surfing today!”

So be Amped!

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