Accessories for the Modern Office.

When you choose Pringle-Ward, you’re choosing to be on the right side of office innovation. The manufacturers we represent are reflective of our own values of exceptional quality, design and innovation in the workspace. The modern office accessories available in our collection are created by leading manufacturers in the industry, like Versteel, MergeWorks and ESI.


Our office accessories include, but are not limited to, pop-up power outlets to keep your devices running and fully charged right on your workstation, dual monitors to make workflow smoother and LED touch lights for better visibility in the workspace. Most open plan offices that want to enhance their productivity, look to modern office accessories that help make the workday run more efficiently for their people. Having the right accessories for your modern workspace makes all the difference when it comes to improving concentration, workflow and collaboration.  

Whether you need outlets, cord jackets, or smarter storage options, we have the most progressive solution here at Pringle-Ward.

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