Modern Office Benching Solutions.

Forward-thinking offices require forward-thinking solutions, that’s where benching comes in. Benching has replaced the standard office cubicle in quality, configuration and functionality. Where cubicles segregate and close off areas of the workspace, benching can always reconfigure to your needs – giving your office a desirable open plan layout, perfect for collaboration.

Collaboration is key to staying on task during the workday, so you need sophisticated benching solutions that make it easy for your people to gather at a moment’s notice, while also looking exceptionally good. With our benching selection, you can assemble workstations based on core teams within your organization and seamlessly integrate add-ons to optimize productivity, like smart storage, privacy panels, sit-to-stand work surfaces and electronic outlets. The manufacturers we represent, like Clear Design, JSI Furniture and Three h, share our same vision for the progressive workspace and deliver benching solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time. 

With an array of materials and finishes to choose from, Pringle-Ward can assure your office benching will be unparalleled.  

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