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Desking Solutions for the Modern Office.

When you embrace a brand offered by Pringle-Ward, you’ve made a decision to be at the forefront of design and quality in office furniture. Our manufacturers are carefully selected to represent our own values of exceptional quality, sophistication and progressiveness in the workspace. The selection of desks we have cultivated are created by leading manufacturers in the industry, like JSI Furniture, Three H, Clear Design and Trendway.


Our modern desking solutions include adjustable-height desks to add more movement to your workday, modern office tables for more collaborative teamwork and wood veneer desks for a more polished, executive type of feel. Most open plan offices that prioritize and value their employees are opting for desks that are multifunctional. Gone are the days where employees stay put in their cubicles from 9 to 5. Progressive workplaces are now making more conscious decisions about how their furniture can benefit their people in terms of wellness, productivity and collaboration.

Whatever type of desk you need for your modern workspace, we have the most forward-thinking solution for you at Pringle-Ward.

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