Lab and Healthcare

Lab and Healthcare

Your healthcare space not only has to look exceptional and clean, but also has to stand the test of time and adapt to the people using it. The same goes for laboratory spaces that must be sanitized, organized and minimalist. That being said, we intentionally curated furniture that reflects the standards in these industries. The manufacturers we partner with, like Formaspace and Trinity Furniture, share our vision for a lab or healthcare space that exudes innovation, comfort and modernity. 


We have carefully selected a series of furniture that meets the specific needs of healthcare professionals and their patients, as well as scientists and other laboratory workers. Not only is this commercial furniture selection highly functional, it was also sustainably manufactured. Another strong value we share with Formaspace and Trinity Furniture is to leave the world better than we found it through eco-friendly business practices and opting for furniture constructed out of sustainable, high-quality materials like reclaimed wood.  Along with the functionality and quality, we made sure to hand-pick a range of colors and styles for you to choose from so that your space is filled with furniture that is visually stunning and achieves your desired interior design aesthetic. 


Whatever configuration of commercial furniture you need for your progressive laboratory or healthcare environment, the solution is here for you at Pringle-Ward. 

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