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Once you sit in luxury, you can’t ever go back. Pringle-Ward represents modern office chair manufacturers who share the same mindset for a forward-thinking workplace that truly appreciates their people. One of the first and most vital steps to prioritizing your people is choosing furniture that serves them – from function to satisfaction. Some of our manufacturers that never sacrifice on comfort, quality or design are Boss Design, Florida Seating and JSI Furniture.


Our hand-picked selection of modern office chairs include, but are not limited to, task chairs with lumbar support and 6-point adjustments for all-day comfort, office stools for quick collaborations and productive team meetings, and lounge chairs for when you need to step back and unwind for a few.


With a multitude of fabric, textile and color choices to choose from, you can guarantee that the office chairs provided by Pringle-Ward are anything but ordinary.  

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